Football Freddie

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Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog: Gameday in Philadelphia is the first book in a new series promoting sports as an educational tool for children. Freddie’s mission is to share not only her love of all things football, but also to get kids interested in the history and culture surrounding our nation’s many historic cities. We believe that participating in and watching sports has tangible benefits for children of every age and gender, such as teaching them confidence, teamwork, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. As parents themselves and active proponents of sports charities, Marnie and Susan want to show kids all over the world that sports open doors to new and exciting places.

Did you know?

A portion of the proceeds from Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog support A Level Playingfield, a Nevada-based charity that works to provide equal access to public school sports programs for underserved kids.

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Reviews and Testimonials

“Marnie Schneider and Susan T. Spencer have created a new football-themed series for children that brings to life the best parts of cities that are home to NFL teams. What a brilliant and fun idea! Star characters Football Freddie and her lovable dog, Fumble, take readers to the city’s famous spots while getting ready to root for the home team. Each volume of the series covers a different NFL city. Colorful, fun, patriotic, and informative, it is the perfect bedtime book for the night before game day–then go check off the sights in town by the end of the season. Touchdown!”

William J Gallagher,
Colonel, US Army (Retired) and President of Riverside Military Academy